About Us

ORUM ETEBAR Company started its activity since 1995 in West Azerbaijan and by leaning to its commitment and applies its qualitative and health human force and high quality raw materials and new processing methods and production in the field of production and exportation and converts into pioneers of market.


This company has production and packaging line for kinds of dried fruits (kinds of California, Tizab, Sun, Kashmar raisin, Mozafatti, Zahedi and apricot and prepares its attendance in internal and abroad markets and it is regarded as important indicators and capability of our country in quality health to consumers. Orum Etebar is regarded as one of the producers of kinds of dried fruits with high quality which its exportation volume is into Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Iraq, Baku, Nakhjavan.


Orum Etebar Company tries to consider society in which lives from human point of view and increases its credit to satisfy customer’ needs and offers competitive products. We are proud to be as pioneer in the task.

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